Use as much words as you can to describe yourself:

  1. Quirky☺️
  2. Weird😒
  3. Fun😜
  4. Pretty💄
  5. Smart👓
  6. Nice😉
  7. Young🍷
  8. Generous😍
  9. Annoying (That was my sister, thank you very much.)
  10. Artistic 🎨
  11. Athletic 🏇
  12. Fit⚽️
  13. Kind 🌹
  14. Lucky🍀
  15. Tall🌵
  16. Skinny🌱

That’s all I got. Tell me if there’s anything I left out😛

I’m going to try to tell me story using emojis:


NVM.. I give up.

• My birthstone is an amethyst, so it’s not really surprising that my name is Amethyst Extrovert. Amethyst Extrovert is my alter ego. She’s brace, adventurous and very fun. She’s an extrovert (but it’s not like she blabbers). I (kinda) wish I was more like Amethyst. But everyday I wake up, at least I can stand in front of the mirror and say: “I am important.” And that my friends, is confidence💋

*You probably realized a few random words everywhere. These words, combined, is the password to my “password post” You find it! BTW: They are in bold.