FPOB Collab


I just joined a collaboration that includes a lot of bloggers (The links are down below). The collaboration is basically our favorite part of blogging.

P:S; I wasn’t abke to copy Shania’s image so I just stole Evelynn’s… Muah ah ah!!



My favorite part of blogging are the friends.

I have amazing friends on my blog here that I coudn’t have grown without. You are all so friendly to me and I’m glad that it’s all so drama free. The Blogger Memo Pad team helped me grow, and Farah and Mahriya have just been there for me. Rosina Lee and Brookie are amazing peoples, so thank YOU. Evelynn has given me ideas for blog post, and Shania has inspired me with her blog content.

WordPress has a bond that no one else has and I’m happy I chose it.

I know this was really short, but just really want to thank you all.

Blogging is one of the most exciting experiences of my life, so meeting you all is such a blessing.


As I promised, here are the the bloggers that participated:

Shania – https://lifeasshania.wordpress.com

Mahriya – https://mybookylife.wordpress.com

Vivian – https://vivianparkinderosa.wordpress.com

Joce – https://writethroughthenight.wordpress.com

Elm – https://justelm.wordpress.com

Flawed_Silence – https://flawedsilience.wordpress.com

Closet Readers – https://closetreaders.wordpress.com

The Stylish Dreamer – https://thestylishdreamer.wordpress.com

Emma – https://bookemma.wordpress.com

My Crazy Obsession with books – https://mycrazyworldofbooksblog.wordpress.com

FarahEdz – https://thegirlwithcoffe.wordpress.com

Lucia R – https://hangoutwithlucia.wordpress.com

Pixey – https://fantagexstarzblog.wordpress.com

Brookie aka Ellyn Kim – https://brookiesoars.wordpress.com

Midnight Ranter (aka Ayaka) – https://midnightranterblog.wordpress.com







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