Interview w/ The One and Only Mahriya

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First of all, did you notice my blog!? Doesn’t it look AMAZING!? That’s all thanks to The Blogger Memo Pad team (Farah, Mahriya, Shania and the happiest pixel). If you would want to have your blog customized as awesome-ly as mine, just read this post and fill in the contact page.

Second of all, did you read the title? If you haven’t, go do it now. *reads* That’s right! An interview with MAHRIYA from My Bookish Life!! Read on!

Amethyst: Why did you start blogging?

Mahriya: I started blogging because I was bored. Not the most inspirational or motivational answer but the truth! It was a hot, lazy day and my brother and I decided to start these ‘blogs’. That was about 4 years ago. I’ve only been blogging properly for 10 months. A lot happened and you can read the full story by clicking me!
Amethyst: What do you want to be when you’re older?
Mahriya: I want to be happy. Okay, scrap the Pinterest Quote answer, I want to be an author of course. I wouldn’t like that to be my main job, just something I do in my spare time. As a profession, though, I think I’d like to work in the technology side of the world. Maybe programming or graphic design as a rough idea.
A: Who/What is/are your favourite blogger(s)/blog(s)?
M: Oh, this is SO hard! EEEK! There are so many blogs out there. I love all of them and wish I could choose them all. Ill have to go with 2. My favourite blogger is  Ayaka @ Midnight Ranter. But, my favourite blog (at the moment) is Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer  
A: Do you think you will quit blogging?
M: Obviously, one day, when I’m grey and old,I will. But anytime soon? I don’t think so. There have been so many times when I’ve thought that blogging has made me so busy and I can’t keep up. Or that I just can’t manage a blog anymore. But, I’ve been determined to make this blog better than all the other failed attempts. So, I don’t think so. 

A: What’s your ultimate blogging tips?
M: Ultimate blogging tips? That’s like asking for gold. Haha, just kidding! I do post a lot of blogging tips on my blog, so do follow to stay updated on everything. 
But, for an answer, not ‘be you’ but REMAIN YOU. When you start blogging, you blog what you want. After a while, you may come to realise you are following the crowd and doing that weekly meme JUST because everyone else is. Or maybe you posting specific content because EVERYONE else is. Or maybe you are being over-the-top happy in every post (when you’re not) just because everyone else is! Please, do what you please on the blogosphere  and remain WHO YOU ARE!
A: How did you get traffic on your blog?
M: To be honest, networking is one of the BIGGEST key to traffic. You see, when i first started out, I followed 0 blogs. I didn’t explore or network or even socialise. My advice is to comment on other people’s blogs, participate in interviews (like this one), join the conversation and participate in blogging events (e.g Teen Ella hosted a blogging Secret Santa). 
Another one is do something UNIQUE on your blog. You don’t have to, but it’s a good idea. Have some sort of weekly feature or original twist on your blog. Such as blogger interviews every month, a Weekly discussion, a  daily Q/A, a free service (such as a graphic design consultation every month?). Have something that makes you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at this post to get a better idea. 

A: In a year, where do you see yourself in the blogging world? 
M: Hopefully with 1000 followers along with a blogging Twitter account. maybe even moving to wordpress.org and receiving REAL ARC’s and some exciting giveaways. But, generally, I think I see myself with more readers and more blogging friends. 

A: Why did you choose WordPress?
M: I actually started with Blogger. And I migrated to WordPress. This is because it was hard to interact and network on Blogger. Obviously, you could comment but I felt WordPress had more options: The Reader, Notifications, Comments, Pingbacks, etc… I don’t know really, I felt WordPress was easier and more friendly!
A: What would you say to anybody that would like to start blogging?
M: I don’t want to scare you but know what you’re getting yourself in for. And please, read all those articles that say ’10 things I wish I knew before I started blogging’ because, yes, they are things you NEED to know. So copy and paste that into Google and READ all the blogging tips. 
Also, make sure you go with a good design and theme. if you know nothing about design or themes, I can design your blog FOR free, at no cost. Just contact me and  we can work a blog design PERFECT for you. And even if you just want some tips as in colour palettes, mood boards or just an idea of what is right for your blog, I can give you that advice. Just get in touch! I don’t bite, promise.
And that was it! I hope you enjoy and got great tips from Mahriya!



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