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♥ Diary Entry ♥



Dear Diary,
Today was a very… “chill” day. I was chosen as presentor at a Christmas show.Today we had a dress rehearsal, and I had so much fun.I think I was maybe talking to fast but I don’t mind. What really bothered me was that my best friend (let’s say her name is Caroline) was always with this other girl (let’s say her name is Leandra) (but I love that other girl so I’m not jealous or anything). But every single time I’d apporch Caroline, she’s shoo me away like she didn’t care about me, then she’d talk to Leandra. But Leandra always tried to make conversation, which I apprechiate a lot. Oh well, i’ll find a solution. At the end of the day, we played volley with a kinball. It was so fun even though we lost 😦 . I’m eating candy so I’m wayyy too excited… My siblings are having a Fuller House marathon. *sarcastic* YAYY. I gtg. We’re eating.SALAD? ON A FRIDAY!? *sigh* Oh well. Can’t argue.

Amethyst Extrovert



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