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Christmas from A to Z


Christmas is around the corner, and I’m sure you are all as Happy as me.

As a Christian, I believe that Jesus was born that day and that he is our savior. I also believe in God and plenty of other things.

Christmas is a time with family and joy. Kindness and Empathy. So much more things. Here is Christmas, from A to Z:

A: Angel

B: Baby Jesus

C: Christmas

D: Deer


E: Eggnog

F: Family

G: Gingerbread

H: Holidays

I: Icicles

J: Joyful

K: Kids


L: Lights

M: Mistletoe

N: Naughty

O: Open presents

P: Package

Q: Quiet

R: Ribbons


S: Sweets

T: Tree

U: Under the tree

V: Vixen

W: Wreath

X: X-mas

Y: Yule





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