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Why do some peoples try to be perfect?

Some people just don’t get it. They don’t get that being perfect isn’t everything. 

The world today is cruel. It’s full of haters on Instagram, telling you you’re not “pretty enough”. I have friends that are super nice outside of school, and when I go on Musical.ly and they are doing duck lips and batting their eyelashes like their waiting for their Prince Charming. Like, really?😯 #Superficial. Every time I see a magazine, I feel so sorry. Makeup is a nice way to express yourself, but have you even thought that at least one girl out of ten, is looking at that cover and comparing it to her, or even him.

I think that’s why some peoples like to do those duck lips (Not that I don’t do them – I just don’t exaggerate them).

Why peoples try to be perfect:

  • Being perfect means beauty / What is the definition of beauty? Well, the definition is: “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the senses, especially the sight.” If you search up “Prettiest girl in the world” you’ll find a stunning little girl with brown hair and big blue eyes. What about the rest of us? Isn’t being different being beautiful? And what about the other races? Asians? Africans? HEL-LO!? Are we not beautiful?
  • So that they don’t get intimidated  / Intimidation is so mean. I have nothing else to say but “Haters back off” LOL I’m watching the Miranda Sings show right now.
  • So that they can be assured a good life / If everyone was perfect, we’d all be famous and on Broadway, because we are not capable of making mistakes. You’d get hired on the spot. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all want a good future. And being perfect? Well, that would make things much easier.

As my post is finishing, I want to let everybody know:

I know. I’ve tried to be perfect. To be clean, to study well, and more. I realised it wasn’t what I needed. All I needed, was to be me.



Amethyst Extrovert (My alter ego)



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