I’ve decided to start a blog.

(I know, it’s such a weird statement.)


So, I’ve had many many diaries, but I swear I never really wrote anything good in it. Ok, continuing.

I’ve decided to start this blog, to share you guys my weirdest feelings, and try to relate to you (Unless I’m an alien and that I’m adopted. I’m probably not even human -.-). I actually don’t even know why I’m doing this. Why did I quit my other blog for this? Great Job Amethyst. Everyone is going to think that your this girl that cries over school drama and la la la da da. *dramatic sigh*

Why would I start blogging about this subject?

  1. So that everyone can listen to my crazy thoughts (Whoever you are)
  2. So that I don’t keep it all bottled up
  3. I don’t really have an another reason.


This is so weird because this is inspired by “Girl Online” By Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella). I love that book so much it’s like, creepy…


Ok. You’ve all been wondering why in the world I chose “Amethyst Extrovert.” It’s a bit like Sasha Fierce and Beyoncé: It’s my alter ego. Amethyst is not shy AT ALL, is good at everything she does, and doesn’t mess up. Well, I guess I can’t really say the last one because I know VERY well that no one in the world is perfect. And you try to be perfect? Well, perfection = FAILURE. As to quote a random person in this world with 6 billion peoples:

“Being Imperfect is perfect.”

Like Penny (In the book), I wish that everyone knew that they didn’t have to act perfectly to be accepted.

I love photography, but I can only take them on my phone, so it won’t be that good. But when I have good shots, I’ll post them (when do I ever have good shots?)  I really have nothing else to say, but if you want, you can read my rants and we can become best buds :). If you don’t want to, I’m totally fine with that (but you’re missing out)

Anyways, I gotta go. It’s movie night with Mia (my sister n#1) (obviously her name is not really Mia. This is incognito (No DUH) (Sorry, you’ll see that a lot. It’s an inside joke with both of us)) and Noemi (sister n#2)(And my uncle is coming, so that a plus.).

If you chose to comment, I would love if you put the name of your alter ego, and that you describe him/her. I want to see everybody shine because you don’t need to act like your alter ego to be awesome. Just act like you.


Amethyst Extrovert (My alter ego)



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